AVS Adult – v5.1.0 Update

AVS ADULT- v5.1.0 UPDATE [06-FEB-2018]

A new update has been released for AVS Adult. Please update your installation to the latest version (5.1.0) .
If upon starting AVS Adult you’re not prompted to update your installation, please download the latest release from the URL’s below:


  • Major changes in AVS Adult core submission engine
  • Minor bug fixes in AVS Adult and Submission Manager
  • Database update fixing several account generation issues

Since the current update brings major changes to the submission engine, please update your installation immediately. None of your ongoing and/or scheduled submissions will be affected.

Thank you for choosing Advanced Video Submitter!

AVS Adult – v5.0.1 Update

AVS ADULT- v5.0.1 UPDATE [03-DEC-2017]

We have received requests from our users to lower the minimum screen resolution for the AVS Adult installer. After careful consideration we have decided to lower the resolution requirements for the installer, from 1280×1024 to 1024×768.

Please keep in mind that in order to get the best user experience, we don’t recommend using AVS Adult on screen resolutions lower than 1280×1024.

If you are prompted to update your installation please proceed, otherwise please download the latest build [5.0.1] from the URL’s provided in your license email and update your AVS Adult installation. Thank you for choosing Advanced Video Submitter!