IN this tutorial, we’ll talk about how to view and manage, your ongoing and scheduled video submissions. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll discover all the secrets required to successfully master the world of adult submissions, so let’s get started.

As you’ve probably learned by now, all the sites you have selected for submission during the Submission Setup process, are grouped in a session. All ongoing and scheduled video submissions are located under the main Scheduled Submissions tab.



Scheduled Submissions contain several different sections, which we’re about to address each separately.



The Scheduled Submissions section will list all your ongoing, paused and scheduled video upload sessions.



Each session contains all the tube sites you have selected during Submission Setup.

  • The Session Name column will display the name of the video submit session.
  • The Scheduled Date/Time column will show the date and time when the submission process has been scheduled to start.
  • The Submitted column will provide additional information about the number of already submitted tube sites, as well as the total number of sites, available in the current upload session.
  • The Video Size column will display the size of the video selected for Video #1. File size is displayed in Megabytes.
  • Last Site Submitted At column, will display the timestamp of the last submitted tube site, for each video submit session. If no sites have been submitted yet, “Not Available” (N/A) will be displayed.
  • The Submission Progress graphic indicator will show the total progress of the submission process, for each individual upload session.

Submit sessions scheduled to run on your VPS or Dedicated Server will be highlighted in pale yellow, while sessions scheduled to run on AVS Cloud, will be highlighted in light blue. Video uploads scheduled to run from your computer will be shown in white.



You can order submit sessions according to your preferences, by clicking any of the column headers.



Under the Session Manager section on the right, you’ll find different controls, to manage your tube upload sessions. From here you’ll be able to delete sessions, pause and resume submissions and generate reports for your video submissions.



Pressing the “Delete AVS Session” button will delete the selected upload session, while pressing the “Delete All Sessions” button will permanently delete, all your submit sessions. Upon pressing any of these buttons, a confirmation message will be displayed and once the action has been confirmed the selected sessions will be permanently deleted from your AVS account.


You can pause any ongoing or scheduled video submissions by pressing the “Pause Selected” button. As a result, the submission process will be paused on all tube sites available within the selected upload session and the submission status will be changed from WAITING to PAUSED. Sites with PENDING status cannot be PAUSED and all ongoing submissions will be completed.


Pressing the “Resume Selected” button will resume submissions to all PAUSED sites available within the selected upload session. Upon resuming submissions the status of all PAUSED sites will be changed from PAUSED to WAITING.


If you would like to generate a submission report for a certain session, please select the desired submit session and press the “Generate Report“, button. As a result, AVS Adult will create an HTML report, for the selected upload session.

The report will contain the submission status for all sites available within the selected session, as well as other useful information such as session name, video title, video description, video tags, etc.



Clicking on a site name will open an image with a screenshot, taken after the submission result of the selected tube site.

If you would like to generate submission reports for all your existing sessions, please press the “Export All Reports” button.

AVS Adult will create a submission report for all scheduled and ongoing submit sessions.

You can also generate submission reports for all upload sessions, by right-clicking anywhere on the session list and selecting “Export All Reports“. Once the process has completed, a confirmation message will be displayed, however, you can interrupt the export at any time.

Submission reports, along with submission screenshots will be saved on your computer.

You can access the reports folder by clicking the Open Reports shortcut from the installation folder, located under the Windows start menu.





The Submission Details section of Scheduled Submissions, will display some brief information about the video that’s scheduled to be uploaded in the selected session.



Here, you’ll find some useful information, such as Video Title, Video Description, Video Tags, your Website URL linked to your Link Title, Promoted Website URL, Affiliate Program URL, and the Video HotLink URL if provided.


Under Submitted Video Thumbnails you’ll notice 3 random thumbnails, cropped from the video that’s scheduled to be uploaded in the selected session. Please keep in mind that these are randomly cropped thumbnails and are not the thumbnails you have cropped using the included Thumbnail Cropper.



Clicking any of these thumbnails will open a new window, displaying a larger image of the randomly cropped thumbnail. These video thumbnails are displayed for informational purposes only and are NOT used during the submission process.


The Overall Submission Progress, will display a graphical indicator of the submission progress for ALL ongoing and scheduled sessions.




Thank you for choosing Advanced Video Submitter and don’t forget to check out the last part of the Scheduled Submissions tutorial.



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