Welcome back to another AVS Adult tutorial! We’re pretty sure that you’re eager to get those videos uploaded, so let’s get started! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to properly set up your submissions, create submission profiles, and schedule your video uploads.



The AVS Adult Submission Setup consists of several different sections, which we’re gonna address each, separately in four separate tutorials.




For a quick and easy submission set up, AVS Adult allows you to save, load and manage multiple submission profiles.

Profiles can be very useful, especially if you use custom login credentials for certain sites. Custom credentials, as well as other custom information, can be configured from the Custom Settings tab, for each tube site and must be saved to a pre-existing submission profile.



Any information provided under custom settings will override the default submission settings as long as the profile is loaded before proceeding with the submission setup. More information, about how to set up and use custom settings will be provided in a separate tutorial.


Once you’ve completed the submission set-up process, the following information can be saved to a profile for later use:

  • User Information
  • Video Information
  • Website Information
  • Advertisement Banners
  • Submission Settings and Categories
  • Selected Sites

Once you’ve finished completing the information you would like to save, please enter the desired profile name under “Save Profile As“, and press the “Save Profile” button. If a profile with the same name already exists, AVS Adult will ask if you wish to overwrite the current profile.

If you wish to proceed to overwrite the existing profile press Yes, otherwise press No and provide a different profile name.

A confirmation message will be displayed once the profile has been successfully saved.


To load a submission profile, simply select the profile name from the “Load / Delete Profile” drop down and press the “Load Profile” button.

By default, previously saved video titles and descriptions are not loaded, as titles and descriptions should be unique for each uploaded video.

If you wish to load any previously saved video titles and descriptions, please check the Reload Saved Video Titles and Descriptions checkbox, under the “Load Profile” button before loading the desired profile.


To delete a profile, select the profile from the drop-down and press the “Delete Selected Profile” button. AVS Adult will ask for your confirmation, and once the action has been confirmed, the profile will be permanently deleted.


Pressing the “Reset Default Settings” button will restore all completed field values to their default settings. This action won’t cause any changes to a selected or loaded profile unless you decide to overwrite the profile.


All information saved under submission profiles are safely stored under your AVS Adult account, in the cloud and not on your local computer.

Please keep in mind that Profile Manager functions are not available in the FREE version of AVS Adult.




Here, you’ll have to provide the account credentials which AVS Adult will use to upload your videos to each selected tube site. If you’ve previously created accounts using the account generator, please provide the account credentials used during the account creation process.



Under the “Username“, “Password” and “E-mail” fields please provide the username, password, and e-mail information you have used to create the submission accounts. If you haven’t already generated accounts, please create your accounts first, using the Account Generator.


Under the “Nickname” field, please provide the desired Nickname to be used along with your submissions. Optionally, you can use your Username here, as well.


IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use your AVS Adult username/login in the “Username” field of the User Information section!




Under this section, you’ll have to provide different titles, descriptions, and tags for your uploaded videos.

Since tube sites have different length requirements for video titles and descriptions, AVS Adult allows you to provide multiple video titles and descriptions of different lengths. Each of these video titles and descriptions will be submitted according to each site’s specific requirements.

Please take the time to write proper, different length video titles and descriptions. Your video titles and descriptions should be properly formatted and should not contain any website URLs.

The approval ratio of your videos highly depends on the quality of your titles and descriptions, so we can’t stress you enough how important it is to write good video titles and descriptions. Once again, please avoid using links in your video titles or descriptions as this can lead to account suspension on certain sites.


Near each title, and description field you’ll find a character counter, which will indicate the length of each video title and description.


As long as the counter digits are red, your titles or descriptions haven’t met the minimum length requirement.

Once the counter digits have turned to green, you’re within the safe zone and your video title or description has met the minimum length.

Once the maximum length has been reached, the counter color will turn to gray and you won’t be able to type any more characters.

Additionally AVS Adult has a unique, built-in text spinner function to create unique and search engine friendly video titles and descriptions.

The text spinner function rewrites your video titles and descriptions so that the overall message and meaning are left intact, while the wording is changed significantly.

To use the text spinner function, insert synonyms or adjectives anywhere in the title or description. The words or phrases meant for text spinning must be enclosed between two hash “#” signs and separated by a pipe “|” or also known as the vertical bar symbol.

Example: #Gorgeous|Beautiful|Delicate|Sensual# amateur busty blonde #teasing|dancing|stripping# in a live webcam show.


The text spinner function can be used for all video titles, descriptions and tags fields. When using the text spinner function, a preview of the spun text will be displayed when typing in any of these fields.


Video Advertising Text – Please provide a short and relevant advertising text.  This will be linked to your website URL on tube sites that allow this feature. Advertising text can be something like: “Click Here To Watch My Live Webcam” or “Watch The Complete Video Here“.


Optionally under the Pornstar field, you can provide the name of the Pornstar or Model, featured in the uploaded video. For multiple model names, please separate each name with a comma.


Video Tags – Here you can provide some relevant tags for your uploaded videos. AVS Adult allows you to enter up to 12 different video tags.

All tags must be separated by a space. If you’re using video tags composed of two words, please make sure to separate them using a hyphen. For example, a two-word tag like “big boobs” must be formatted as “big-boobs


Please keep in mind that you can use the included text spinner function, for video tags as well, as long as these are properly formatted.


Pressing the “Clear Fields” button will clear all completed fields under Video Information.




In this section, you’ll have to provide some additional information about the promoted website.



Under Your Site / Link Title – Please provide the promoted site name or a short description of the promoted website. This will be linked to the website URL, on sites where this feature is allowed.


18 USC 2-2-5-7 URL – Please, provide the URL to the promoted website’s 18 USC 2-2-5-7 Record-Keeping Requirements and Compliance Statement. If you’re an affiliate and don’t know what this is, please contact your affiliate manager for further information and linking instructions to the Record-Keeping Requirements and Compliance Statement.


Link Code / Website URL – Please provide the link to the promoted website. You can use either a direct link or a link containing a tracking code.  If you’re an affiliate, please provide your link code for the promoted website.


Webmaster Referral URL – Please provide the webmaster referral URL, for the promoted website’s, affiliate program.


Thank you for choosing Advanced Video Submitter and don’t forget to check out Part 2 of the AVS Adult – Submission Setup tutorial.



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