Welcome back to the second part of the Submission Setup tutorial! In this section, you’ll have to select the videos you’re about to upload.



As most likely you have already noticed, AVS Adult has two different video fields Video #1 and Video #2.

As confusing as it seems at the start, there is a good reason for this and it’s because AVS Adult supports the uploading of different size videos, according to the requirements of each tube site.


When it comes to the maximum uploaded file size, each tube site has its own rules. We’re pretty sure you haven’t read them but don’t worry, we’ve already done this for you. While big sites will allow you to upload videos up to 10GB in size, smaller video sharing sites won’t allow you to upload videos bigger than 500MB.

To achieve the maximum upload success rate, as long as your videos are bigger than 500MB we recommend using two different size videos.


For example, if you have a 2GB 1080p video, select this file for Video #2.

Using a video conversion software, create a smaller size 720p video, by reconverting the 2GB 1080p video used for Video 2.

You can select the resulting smaller size 720p clip for Video #1.

So please keep in mind that: Video #1 is for smaller size videos and Video #2 is for bigger size videos.

Although we highly recommend using two different size videos, for an improved success rate, this is purely optional. Please keep in mind that your submission might fail on tube sites, where the uploaded file size exceeds the maximum allowed upload limit.


If you’re in a hurry and do not wish to use this feature, please select the same video file for both Video #1 and Video #2.


Please avoid placing your videos in folders located on the Desktop, as this can lead to certain issues depending on your Windows regional settings. The best location to place the videos you’re about to upload are within folders created in the root of your C drive.

Example: C:\upload\

We highly recommend keeping video file names as short as possible. Also, avoid using any special characters in video file names and replace spaces with underscores. Following these simple recommendations can greatly improve your submission results.


If you have previously cropped video thumbnails using the included free Thumbnail Cropper, upon selecting the media file for Video #1, the cropped thumbnails will be automatically loaded into the Video Thumbnails section, located on the right.



Video thumbnails must be cropped from the video you’re about to select for Video #1. If no thumbnails are loaded, after you have selected a file for Video #1, it means either you haven’t cropped video thumbnails or the name or location of the thumbnail folder has been changed.

Cropping video thumbnails is purely optional, but since it’s a quick process, we recommend to take the time and crop a good looking thumbnail. By doing so, you’ll drive more quality traffic to your videos.


When it comes to video uploading, AVS Adult has another awesome feature, which many professional webmasters will find very useful.

AVS Adult allows you to upload custom videos, for each and every tube site, other than the default videos selected for Video #1 and Video #2, simply by renaming your custom videos using a predefined naming pattern.

Let’s say for example, that you would like to upload a custom video for pornhub.com. A custom video, that’s different than the default videos selected above, for Video #1 and Video #2.

To proceed, all you have to do is name your custom videos using the exact filenames used by the videos, selected for Video #1 and Video #2, and by adding the underscore pornhub.com suffix at the end of the file name.

Example: If you have selected two different videos for Video #1 and Video #2, which are named as “video_01.mp4” and “video_02.mp4” and would like to over-ride these with a custom video, when uploading to pornhub.com, do as followed.

Duplicate your custom video so you’ll end up having 2 copies of the same file, and name these duplicated videos as “video_01_pornhub.com.mp4” and “video_02_pornhub.com.mp4


If you’re using only one video, which you have selected for both Video #1 and Video #2, “video_01.mp4” in our case, all you have to do is rename your custom video as “video_01_pornhub.com.mp4


You can override the default video selection and upload custom videos, to each and every tube site by simply adding the desired tube site’s domain name, within the custom video file name.

Example:video _01_redtube.com.mp4“, “video_01_xvideos.com.mp4″, etc.


This feature is mostly useful for professional video uploaders and paysite owners, who are required to upload specifically watermarked videos to certain tube sites.

Please keep in mind that by using this feature for selected sites, will override the default video selection and all specific video settings saved under custom keys, for the currently loaded submission profile, if any.


HotLink URL to Video #1 and Video #2 – Although not many, some sites require to HotLink the videos from your server.

If you decide to check the “Enable Embed/HotLink Upload” option under Submission Settings, please make sure to complete these fields too.

Upload the videos to your server, and provide a direct link to your videos located on your server. The URL has to point directly to the uploaded video file, located on your server and not to some web page.

Example: http://www.promoted-website.com/videos/video_01.mp4

Use Video #1 HotLink, to link to the smaller size video and Video #2 HotLink, to link to the bigger size video. If you’re using only one video, use the same link for both HotLink fields. Please make sure you have uploaded the videos to your server, before pressing the submit button.

Since this is a time and resource-consuming process and not widely used by tube sites, you can safely skip this step.


If you have previously uploaded your video to a video sharing site and already have an embed code for your uploaded video, please paste the code in the “Video Embed Code” text area. Certain tube sites, that do not allow direct uploading, will use this embed code to display the videos on their pages.

This step is also optional and can be safely skipped since not many sites are using it nowadays.




What is AVS Cloud? AVS Cloud is a token-based, pre-paid, high-speed video distribution service, available only within AVS Adult – Premium.

The service allows you to automatically upload your videos to hundreds of video sharing sites, using our high-speed video distribution servers, connected to multiple gigabit networks.

Upload your videos quickly, to up-to 50 tube sites simultaneously, through our secure content distribution platform using enterprise-grade infrastructure. Your videos will be uploaded in the shortest possible time and at the lowest prices!

AVS Cloud is mostly useful for users with a low-speed Internet connection or bandwidth limitations, as well for customers whose Internet Service Provider restricts access to certain websites. With AVS Cloud you’ll only have to upload your videos once to our servers and your videos will be automatically distributed to every tube site you have selected, during the submission setup process.


In order to use AVS Cloud, you’ll need a Premium license, and additionally you’ll have to purchase video upload tokens. One upload token will allow you to upload your videos, to ALL the tube sites you have selected during the submission setup process.

No matter you have selected 5 sites or 100 sites to submit to, only one upload token will be deducted from your account, for each of your AVS Cloud submission. One Upload Token will be deducted from your balance, only upon pressing any of the  Submit Videos NowSubmit Now Paused or Schedule Submission buttons.


If you have already purchased video upload tokens, your current balance will be displayed under the “Upload Through AVS Cloud” selector. Once your balance is running low or in case you haven’t purchased any upload tokens yet, a link will be activated, where you can order additional video upload tokens.


In order to upload your videos using AVS Cloud, please check the Upload Through AVS Cloud option. A notification message will be displayed, which will inform you that your videos will be uploaded using the AVS Cloud, video distribution platform.



If you would like to set a custom name for your submit session, please do so now, as you won’t be able to change the session name after you’ve pressed the “Upload To Server” button. Once you’ve set a custom session name for your submissions, press the Upload To Server button to upload your videos to our servers.


AVS Adult will upload the selected videos, video thumbnails and advertisement banners to our high speed, video distribution servers. A progress bar and a status message will indicate the upload progress and status. Depending on your network connection and content size, the upload process might take a while. In the meantime, feel free to continue with the submission set up.



Once the files have been uploaded to our servers and the integrity of the uploaded data has been verified, a confirmation message will be displayed and the status will change from Not Available (N/A) to Ready.



If certain files, such as Video Thumbnails or Advertisement Banners haven’t been uploaded, the status will show Not Available (N/A).



Please wait for the upload to complete, before starting the submission process.

Thank you for choosing the AVS Cloud, premium high-speed video distribution service!




Certain websites allow users to upload or hotlink an advertisement banner, along with the video submission. These banners will be usually displayed, under or near the uploaded video and will be linked to the promoted website using your link code URL.



In order for AVS to recognize and index your banners properly, your image files must be named as Width x Height.gif and must have the mandatory: .gif extension.

Example: 468×60.gif, 200×200.gif, 960×75.gif,850×80.gif, 700×100.gif, 1280×200.gif, etc.


By using the .gif image format, will allow you to upload both static and animated banners.

Recommended banner sizes are displayed within the size list, located on the right.

When you have your banners ready, please select the folder where your banners are located. Once the folder has been selected, AVS Adult will scan the folder and index the images. Located banners will be shown in black while missing banners will be highlighted in red within the banner size list.

You can press the “Refresh List” at any time, to rescan the banner folder for newly added banners.


Certain tube sites require to HotLink the banners, from your server. Please upload a 468×60 and a 468×80 pixel banner to your server.

Once uploaded, provide a direct link to the uploaded banners, in the URL to Banner HotLink fields. Before hotlinking images, please check the server configuration is set to allow image hotlinking.



Advertisement Banners are mostly used for Content Partner and Paid Submission Accounts. Unless you have any of these account types, you can safely skip this step, as most adult tube sites won’t allow you to upload banners using regular accounts.


Thank you for choosing Advanced Video Submitter, and don’t forget to check out Part 3 of the AVS Adult – Submission Setup tutorial.



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