Welcome back to the last part of the Submission Setup tutorial. You’re only minutes away from starting your first submission, so let’s start!




Once you have selected at least one Upload Category, tube sites that allow submissions to the selected categories will be loaded here. If you can’t see any sites, please make sure you have selected at least one video upload category first.

Tube sites will be loaded in a random order, however, you can order them according to your preferences by clicking on the column headers. You can select the sites, which you would like to submit to by checking the selector under the Submit column.


By default, all loaded sites are selected for submission.  If you would like to clear the selection for all sites, you can do so by pressing the “Clear Selection” button. To re-select all sites, press the “Select All Sites” button.

You can use Control + Left Click in order to select multiple sites. While multiple sites are selected, click the checkbox for any of the highlighted sites or press the space-bar key, to apply the changes to all selected sites.


Double-clicking a site name will open the selected site in your default browser.



The Loaded / Selected text label located at the bottom right will display the total number of loaded and selected tube sites.

The Alexa Rank column will display the tube sites Alexa Rank.

The Auto/Manual column, provides additional information about the submission type. Sites marked with a capital A will be automatically submitted, while sites marked with a capital M will require additional manual intervention.



The Account Required column, will inform you if a certain site requires account registration, in order to upload videos.

On tube sites marked with a NO, you’ll be able to upload your videos without registering an account, while on tube sites marked with Yes, you’ll have to register for an account, before uploading any videos.


The Has CPP column will provide information about Content Partner submissions. If a site accepts CP submissions, will be marked with YES.

Certain tube sites accept only paid submissions. The Paid column, will offer additional information if a site requires a paid account to upload.

Sites that accept only hotlink or embed code submissions, will be marked within the Embed column.


The Daily Limit column will display information about the number of video uploads, allowed by the tube site within a 24 hours period. If a site has no upload limitations or if these are not published in the upload rules, Not Available (N/A) will be displayed.


The Last Updated column, will display the date and time when the tube site was last updated, within the AVS Adult database.



If you would like to permanently disable certain sites, from both video submissions and account generations, you can do as follows:

From the site list, please select the desired sites you wish to permanently disable. You can select multiple sites by using Control + Left Click and by pressing the space-bar key to apply the selection.

After you have selected the desired tube sites, right-click on the site list and select Disable Selected Sites. The selected sites will be permanently disabled on your account and will no longer be displayed on the tube site list.



In order to restore disabled sites, right-click anywhere on the site list and select Restore All Disable Sites. All sites that were previously disabled, will be restored.



In order to re-load the site list for the selected categories, after disabling or restoring tube sites, please press the “Refresh Sites” button.



We are well aware that patience is the key to success, however, most likely you’re eager to get started, so here’s what you need to know.

Before pressing any of the submit buttons, please make sure you have provided at least one captcha account, under the captcha settings. We’ve talked about how to add and configure captcha accounts in the Account Generator tutorials.


If you haven’t set your captcha account yet, please take a few minutes and check out the Account Generator tutorials for more information about how to properly set-up your captcha account. If you have already provided your captcha account, let’s continue.


Under Session Name, please provide a unique name for your video upload session. Your submissions will be grouped under this name within the Scheduled Submissions tab.


AVS Adult allows you to upload your videos, to up to 25 sites simultaneously. To change the number of simultaneous video submissions, please adjust the Threads number to the desired value.

The Timeout setting represents the maximum time in minutes allowed for a site in order to complete the video submission. If the video was not uploaded within the time frame set here, AVS Adult will mark the submission to the site as FAILED and will continue the submission process with the next tube site.

You can adjust both the Threads and Timeout values, at any time during the video submission or account creation process. Changing the Threads and Timeout values will also affect any scheduled or ongoing video submissions and account generations.

Please be very careful when adjusting Threads and Timeout, because setting improper values can affect your submission results. These values should be set depending on your Internet upload speed and video file size.



Before changing Threads and Timeout values we highly recommend to run a test, using speedtest.net and calculate your average upload time, using the free online calculator from calctool.org. For a more relevant result, please repeat the speed test by selecting 3 different test servers across the USA and at least 1 server from Europe.



Once you know your average Internet upload speed, and video size, you’ll be able to calculate the estimated time, required to upload 1 video to 1 tube site. To calculate the estimated upload time, please use the free calculator, provided by calctool.org



If you would like to upload your videos using your Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server, please check the Upload using VPS/Dedicated Server option. By checking this selector, your videos will be uploaded from your VPS and not from your local computer.

Prior to checking this option, please make sure the VPS version of AVS Adult has been installed on the VPS and your videos have been properly uploaded to the VPS.


If you’re setting up your submissions on your local computer using the PC version of AVS Adult and would like to upload the videos from the VPS instead, all videos must be located both on your VPS and local computer having the exact same file path.



Please do not place videos in folders located on the Desktop, as this can lead to major path differences because of different Windows account names. The best location to place your videos are within folders created in the root of your C drive.



Example: C:\upload\

If you’re using the VPS version of AVS Adult to set up your submissions, the Upload Using VPS/Dedicated Server option will be checked by default, and cannot be unchecked.


In case the videos you’re about to upload are located only on your VPS and you would like to use the PC version of AVS Adult to set up your VPS submissions, you can avoid downloading the videos from the VPS by creating dummy video files, on your local computer.

To create a dummy video file, simply create an empty text document and rename it to have the exact same name and file extension, as the video located on the VPS. Replicate the path and folder structure from the VPS on your local computer and move your dummy file inside the newly created folder.



In order for this to function properly, the path, folder, filenames, and file extensions, must be identical on both your VPS and local computer.

Example: If your video is located in C:\upload\video_01.mp4 on your VPS, the dummy file must be located in the same exact folder, having the same exact filename, on your local computer as well.

In this scenario, the dummy file must be placed in C:\upload\video_01.mp4 on your local computer.

Please keep in mind that by using dummy video files, you won’t be able to resubmit any VPS uploaded videos on your local computer, since these videos, don’t actually exist on your machine.

If you have previously checked the “Upload Through AVS Cloud” option, the “Upload Using VPS/Dedicated Server” option will be automatically disabled.

The Upload “Using VPS/Dedicated Server” option and the VPS version of AVS Adult is only available in the PREMIUM version of the software.


Another big advantage of owning a Premium license is that you’ll be able to install a copy of AVS Adult on both your local computer and your VPS or Dedicated Server. Besides this, you’ll be able to upload 3 different videos at the same time, from 3 different locations.

You can run different, simultaneous video uploads, from your computer, your VPS and from AVS Cloud.

Please keep in mind that uploading videos using AVS Cloud requires the purchase of additional video Upload Tokens.


If you would like to submit your videos at a later time and start the upload process at your convenience, please press the Submit Now – Paused button. A confirmation message will be displayed and your submit session will be scheduled as Paused under the Scheduled Submissions tab. For Paused sessions, you can start the submission process at any time by pressing the “Resume Selected” button.


If you would like to schedule your submissions to a certain date and time, please set the desired Date and Time under the Schedule Date field and press the Schedule Submission button. A confirmation message will be displayed and your session will be scheduled to start at the selected date and time, under the Scheduled Submissions tab.


To start your video submissions right away press the Submit Videos Now button. A confirmation message will be displayed and your ongoing upload session will be visible under the Scheduled Submissions tab.



If for some reason, your uploads are not starting right away or at the scheduled date or time, please double-check that DATE and TIME are properly set in Windows settings.

Your local DATE and Time MUST match the local TIME ZONE, in Windows settings. Setting an improper TIME ZONE or an incorrect Date or Time will lead to multiple submission issues, so please double check your settings.



If you are using both the PC and VPS version of AVS Adult, we strongly recommend setting the same DATE, TIME and TIME ZONE values on both your local computer and VPS or Dedicated Server.


Advanced Video Submitter needs to constantly communicate with our servers, as all submission settings, profiles, ongoing and scheduled submissions as well as all software and database updates, are stored in the cloud. This behavior might trigger a “FALSE POSITIVE” alert when using certain antivirus products.



We are doing our best to avoid this kind of situations, however, some antivirus products might require manually adding AVS Adult to the exception list, for proper functionality.


For any questions you may have, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. You’ll see, that most of your questions are already answered there. Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for choosing Advanced Video Submitter, the ultimate tube upload software available on the market!



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