Advanced Video Submitter allows you to crop custom preview thumbnails for your videos. These thumbnails will be uploaded along with your videos, to selected video sharing sites that allow or require uploading a custom video thumbnail.

Do you know what people say? A picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s just say a thousand clicks, in our case! Please take the time to crop a high quality, good looking preview thumbnail, as this will highly increase the chances to drive more traffic to your uploaded videos.

Keep in mind that surfers will see the video thumbnails first, and not your video. Unless your videos don’t have an appealing thumbnail, surfers will watch a different video with a better and interesting preview thumbnail.

So please remember that picking a high quality and appealing video thumbnail, is extremely important!





AVS Adult, allows you to crop video thumbnails from both video and image files.

To crop a custom video preview thumbnail, please select the folder where your videos are located, using the “Browse Folder” button at the top. Once you’ve selected the media folder, AVS Adult will automatically scan the folder and load all found video and image files into the Media List section, on the left.

If you’ve made changes within the selected folder, added or deleted files, press the “Refresh Media List” button to re-scan the folder.


From the Media List on the left, select the desired video or image file for which you would like to crop thumbnails. Once a video or image file has been selected, a preview will be loaded under the Crop Thumbnails section, located in the center.

For video files, the horizontal scrollbar, located under the preview panel, will allow you to skip to different scenes, throughout the video.

Select the desired scene, from which you would like to crop your preview thumbnails and using the crop rectangle, select the portion of the image you would like to crop.

You can move the crop rectangle by clicking and dragging the red square on the top left corner or resize it using the green square, located at the bottom right corner.


Once you have adjusted the crop selection, click the “Crop Thumbs” button located on the right side, under the Thumb Sizes list.

A new window will open, which will allow you to make further adjustments to the cropped image. Using the sliders you can adjust the thumbnails brightness and contrast or apply sharpness to the image, by selecting the “Apply Sharpness To Thumbnail” option.

The “Reset Defaults” button, will reset the brightness, contrast and sharpness settings to their defaults.



After you’ve finished making any necessary adjustments, click the Crop Thumbnails button to generate your video thumbnails.


The thumbnail cropper will automatically crop multiple, predefined thumbnail sizes from the selected video or image file.

The complete list of generated thumbnail sizes is displayed in the Thumb Sizes section, on the right.  The list is predefined and you’re not allowed to make any changes.

Upon successful thumbnail cropping, a notification will be displayed and the created thumbnails will be saved into a new folder, which will be created near the selected video or image file. The newly created thumbnail folder will have the exact name of the selected video or image file and with an added suffix, of “_ thumbs“.

Created thumbnails are named as Image Width x Image Height and are saved with a JPG extension. Example: 200×150.jpg


If you would like to replace certain thumbnails with your own thumbnails, you are allowed to do so, however, please make sure to maintain the exact path, file name, and file extension.


Please keep in mind that Thumbnail Cropping is optional, but highly recommended. If you do not wish to create custom thumbnails for your videos, you can skip this step but your submission might fail on certain sites that require to upload a mandatory video thumbnail.


Thank you for choosing Advanced Video Submitter, the ultimate video upload software!



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